Hello and Welcome to Our Blog!

I initially started this blog in 2017 as a way of documenting the process of making my first home my own. During the pandemic, it grew to become a story of a family venture into the world of property. So now, it’s no longer just home decor, but renovations too.

Renovating properties can be tough going. We all learned pretty quickly why people often say at the end of an episode of one of those property programmes on TV that the next thing they intend to do is have a nice holiday. It can be enjoyable though, and hopefully that will shine through in my posts about our projects.

If I inspire one person to turn a house into a home, then it’s worth doing. There are few more satisfying things than taking a step back, looking at a renovated space and thinking “I did that”.

Feel free to follow along here. I also exist on Instagram, where I post about my own home decor and improvements, as well as other properties we are working on. There’s also my Pinterest where you can see where a lot of my ideas come from.

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