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Chun-Kees: My Love for Chunky Knits

Note to readers: I am no longer actively serving as a brand rep for Chun-Kees, but I still didn’t want to delete this post. I am keeping it up, though removing references to my discount code.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, I am a brand representative for Chun-Kees, which basically means I volunteer my time to help promote the business on Instagram and the occasional real-world event. However, Chun-Kees did not ask me to write this blog post and I am not benefitting from them in any way by writing it. I am merely voluntarily writing this blog post as I currently have two products from Chun-Kees, the smaller of which was gifted by them, and they form one of my favourite parts of decor in my house, so wanted to include them in my posts here.

Back in September 2017, I saw a couple of my favourite home interiors accounts on Instagram featuring chunky-knit blankets in their living rooms and bedrooms. They came from a company called Chun-Kees, which sells chunky-knit blankets, cushions and bed runners. At this time, Chun-Kees were having a flash sale event on white blankets and I decided to grab myself one at a great price. Even better that there were some brand reps around at the time with their own discount codes so I could grab myself even more of a bargain. Though it took a few weeks to arrive, the wait was not unexpected as the products are all made to order. But the wait was definitely worth it and it’s lovely to know that the product is made especially for you. When it came, I was not disappointed!

My first chunky-knit blanket sitting proudly in my living room. Here it is styled with the footstool I kept from the original renovation in 2014, a bamboo tray I got from Sainsbury’s (though it is painted in Dulux Chic Shadow), a marble tea light holder from Dunelm and a reed diffuser from Carriagehill Candles.

The blanket is made from acrylic yarn, but still feels so real to the touch. I was blown away by how luxurious it felt and looked, also how heavy it felt when I picked it up. I immediately saw how much work had gone into making it and it still looks as good now as it did then. I absolutely love getting under it on a cold winter night and enjoy a cosy night in, but I’m sure it will look great all year round and it has attracted a lot of compliments.

Me enjoying a cosy night in under my first chunky blanket.

The above photo might look like the perfect shot, but it took about ten attempts of planting my phone on a microphone stand, setting its camera on the ten-second timer and quickly darting underneath it to throw myself under the blanket and look natural. Blogging and instagramming about your home can be hard on your own!

The wool might be artificial, but still feels so amazing!

I’ve sometimes jokingly said that these should come with health warnings as they may provoke laziness because you just want to lay under them for hours! I have been told though that Chun-Kees will not be held responsible for any such behaviour as a result of use of their products 🙂

I have a smaller blanket in my main bedroom, gifted from Chun-Kees, that is made of merino wool. I think the majority of products that Chun-Kees make are merino wool now as merino is so much more popular, but I have been told that a stock of acrylic is still available, which might make a great vegan-friendly alternative.

The second product I own from Chun-Kees is a chair blanket. This size is so-called because being small they are ideal for draping over the backs of chairs, as I have done in one of the photos below. This is too small to use as a bed runner, but I have also tried to lay it across the bed and take a photo from a low angle to try and visualise how one would look here. This colour is called “Oyster” and it goes great with other items I have in this room, including the bedside lamp visible below.

I do hope to get a bed runner for this bed eventually (when my money no longer ends up being spent on other things!) but this is plenty good enough for now. I find that these make wonderful additions to the decor and there is just something about them that makes a room feel cosy even when not in use, no matter what time of year it is.

The chunky blankets make chilling out in bed even nicer 🙂

The merino wool that this is made of feels so amazingly soft to the touch. I’ve seen a lot of people say that about the blankets and I am of the same opinion. I know that a couple of bed runners will look great in my house and can’t wait to get them. That’s if I can choose between the 50 colour options there are 😀 and that’s not including multicoloured varieties!

The merino wool up close

I have been a very big fan of Chun-Kees for a fair while now and my advice to anyone considering buying their products would be to go for it. You totally get what you pay for and you know that anything you buy is handmade for you with passion and dedication. The story of the lady behind the knits, Louise, is very inspirational also and anyone who has an ambition to start their own business should definitely get to know her. I’ve certainly enjoyed working with her and despite all the difficulties that running a business can present, she always does her best to give her time to everyone. I wish there were more people like her in this world. Another good thing about working with a small business is you get to create such a great relationship with the people behind the products that you wouldn’t otherwise get necessarily with a mainstream brand.

You can view the full range of products by checking out the website, as well as their Instagram page, @chun_kees. For as long as I stand as a brand rep I continue to post up about any promotional offers on my insta page. If you know of anyone who might like one then feel free to pass on the links.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me and my chunky knits and if you decide to get yourself one, I hope you end up loving it as much as I do mine.

With love,


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