Laura’s Little Home is now The Norfolk Home Diaries!

It’s been all change on this blog, as well as both my social media accounts. This is just a short blog post covering the “why” behind this rebranding.

In 2019, my family completed a conversion of their garage for my grandad to move into, as he sadly could no longer live without our support with his advancing age. That left the bungalow where he lived standing unoccupied, and in 2020, we started to renovate it. (The pandemic and serious ill health affecting me and a close family member meaning that didn’t really get going properly until the middle of 2021.)

This has since turned into a family venture into property. Once we have finished this place, we will be moving on to another property, once we have had a break (as it is an enormous amount of work for all of us), and given ourselves the time to get some things done in our own homes, some of which has waited years.

So what does this mean for me?

It’s meant that I can do something I’ve always wanted to do

I’m an avid watcher of all those property programmes. Homes Under The Hammer, Grand Designs, anything George Clarke presents… HGTV is probably the channel my bedroom TVs are tuned into the most. I’ve always wanted to do the same things, but there can be a financial barrier to getting started. I’ve now been given the opportunity to do just that.

I’ve also been able to combine it with my love of writing about interiors. There’s been a lot to learn from this, and I’ve loved not only doing it, but writing about it too.

It’s not just about me anymore

When the reno really got going, my blog and my Insta started to become a representation of a family effort. I’m frequently spending weekends with my dad doing some hands-on work at the place and mum has had plenty of involvement too.

So, all this doesn’t just represent me anymore. In fact, I would say I’m now a third of a team that is being represented.

It’s not just about my home, either

I was just about one home, but when I came back on Insta after a year-long health battle, it became an Insta account about two homes. Kind of like the Spice Girls song in reverse? There’s a third and fourth on the way, too.

What I was called on all three of my platforms – Insta, Pinterest and this blog, didn’t make sense anymore, and I wanted to be able to present myself in a way that people can get onboard with.

So, what next?

I’m still going to be posting about my own home and new bits of styling I’ve done, new improvements, basically the stuff I’ve always done.

I will post about the bungalow for as long as we still own it, alongside my own home.

I will be getting involved with some improvements to my parents’ house, too, and will be writing about things I’ve designed there.

There won’t be any work with brands for the foreseeable. My following is nowhere near big enough for that, and after last year’s terrible events my engagement just isn’t good enough. That will come with time, though, and for now I’m happy just keeping this a fun hobby and creativity outlet.

I hope you’re all looking forward to what’s to come as much as we all are.


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