Project #2 - Bungalow Renovation

Hallway Renovation

The Hallway is the central area off which most of the rooms spread. There may not really be much to say about hallways – they’re essentially just long and thin rooms with lots of doors. With it being the first indoor area people see, it was still important to make a good impression. Here’s how we did that.

First step was that dreaded rewire. The electrical meter is in this room so there were an awful lot of cables emanating from one corner. We had a plan to hide this rather ugly thing but that would be one of the last steps.

We also set about moving the (new) front door to be in line with the front elevation of the house, removing the porch. We found that the porch was just a magnet for dead leaves and thought the space would be much more useful being inside than outside. The floor tiles that were outside were preserved as we decided that they made for quite an attractive feature.

There was a lot of plastering and replastering to do as well. Unfortunately we were let down a bit here so we lost time having to go back and do remedial work.

Once the plasterwork was at an acceptable standard, we could paint the walls, install the electrical sockets, put the skirting boards in and, at a later date, lay the carpet.

As part of the Hallway Renovation, we installed new doors for every room. We used some wooden ones that gave a really nice contrast with the grey walls in most of the rooms.

Living Room door, as seen from the Living Room side
Bedrooms 1 and 2 got sliding doors to save space
Bathroom door (before it gained its handle)

The last thing there was to do was to hide the electricity meter. This was really simple – we just made up a cover from two sheets of MDF, put a wooden top on, cut a door in, put a skirting board on, then painted it. Simple as that.

Since this was the last indoor area to be completed, the area was staged pretty quickly. Here’s a few photos of the finished Hallway. More will come in the final blog post of the series.

That’s the last indoor area to cover in the house! Only the exterior is left to do now. Then, I will put up one final post showing befores-and-afters of all the rooms and show them all in their fully staged state.

See you then!


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